ALER is divided in two sections: Large Scale Projects (LSP) and Small Scale Projects (SSP).


LSP Section is dedicated to promoting RE in large scale facilities connected to transport and distribution networks. It has a national impact and a mainly commercial goal.

This section approaches subjects such as resources mapping, contact network, regulatory framework, power allocation mechanisms, income of renewable production, and implementation, operation and maintenance of projects, among others. The main agents are Governments and the relevant national authorities within the Energy Sector, as well as regulatory entities and the companies transporting and distributing energy.




SSP Section is dedicated to promoting RE in isolated small scale facilities with no connection to the electricity network. It has a local and even individual impact and a mainly social goal.

These projects have a great diversity in terms of territory, technologies, usage and users. Further, these projects are related to cooperation for development which includes very distinctive areas such as health, food, security, social structure and economic income of populations.

This section approaches subjects such as cooperation for development in areas including access to energy, rural electrification, capacity building and training of local populations and fundraising. The main agents of this section are investment entities, international entities for cooperation for development, local communities and, as for LSP Section, Governments and national authorities.

In general terms, ALER’s activities are crosswise and intend to support both sections. However, it is possible to develop skills, gather and release information or manage specific events for each section. Workgroups are also defined accordingly.