Guinea Bissau Sustainable Energy International Conference 2017
Guinea Bissau Sustainable Energy Investment Workshop
second edition of ALER’s “Renewables in Mozambique – National Status Report”
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Renewable Energy International Conference
3rd Annual Power Tech Africa 2019
31 of October 2018
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31 of October 2018
Mozambique’s Electricity Law is under revision

This revision arose from the need to adapt the Law to the current times, in order to position itself in an attractive way for new investments in the sector.

31 of October 2018
IRENA is undertaking a global survey on gender and renewable energy

The objective of the survey is to gather quantitative and qualitative insights on the current status of women’s participation in the renewable energy sector, existing challenges and potential solutions to improve gender diversity.

31 of October 2018
ALER was present at the High Level Conference on Sustainable Energy and Development

ALER’s Vice-President, Mr. Guilherme Collares Pereira was invited to participate in the panel discussion on “Regional Sustainable Energy Entrepreneurship” where he presented ALER’s vision and experience.

1 of October 2018
ALER meets with AfDB under the Compact for Lusophone Countries

The purpose of the meeting was to list potential instruments to be used and partnerships to be implemented under this initiative, in particular the survey of investment opportunities and constraints that exists in the PALOP.