ALER is a NGDO with the mission to promote renewable energy in Portuguese-speaking countries


ALER is a NGDO (Non-Governmental Development Organisation) with the mission to promote renewable energies in portuguese-speaking countries.

The Association facilitates business opportunities by supporting the private sector and attracting financing and investment, by liasing with national and international authorities to create a favourable regulatory framework, and by coordinating all stakeholders, acting as a cooperation platform and the common voice of renewable energies in portuguese-speaking countries.




ALER preferably acts within the nine Portuguese-speaking countries: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique, Portugal, São Tomé and Príncipe and East Timor.

In them, ALER will train public and private entities, sharing information and experiences and seeking to attract financing and investment in renewable energy projects.





In order to accomplish its most important mission of promoting RE in Portuguese-speaking countries, ALER presents its goals in three main axis: knowledge, capacity building and representation.

1) For Knowledge, ALER’s goals are:

• To provide compilation and information releasing services, as well as advisory and communication services within RE framework;

• To promote technical cooperation, sharing of information, experiences, results and communication between Members;

• To prepare and participate in studies or projects, at a national or international level, considered to be interesting for achieving ALER’s goals.


2) For Capacity Building, ALER’s goals are:

• To work with national RE promoting associations in Portuguese-speaking countries and encourage the creation of national associations if non-existent;

• To settle ALER as the central pivot for the promotion of business activities of RE exploitation in Portuguese-speaking countries, both as preferential partner to support foreign entities to enter national markets and to empower already existing national entities, gathering synergies between all Portuguese-speaking countries;

• To promote cooperation and communication of Members with political decision-making bodies and financial and social bodies of Portuguese-speaking countries by sharing information, providing support and advice, preparing recommendations and proposing the adoption of important measures for achieving ALER’s goals;

• To identity investment lines at a national and international level, to support fundraising and to prepare applications, and also to promote contacts between Members and investment entities acting within the scope of their activity.


3) For Representation, ALER’s goals are:

• To settle ALER as an international platform to represent and promote RE in Portuguese-speaking countries and to represent and promote Members in other international bodies operating in RE sectors or related sectors (climate, environment, or cooperation for development) or cooperation bodies between Portuguese-speaking countries;

• To work as a confederation of renewable energies national Associations of Portuguese-speaking countries;

• To organize meetings and events and to participate in events and other initiatives within the common interests of its Members;

• To coordinate technical teams and RE business missions in Portuguese-speaking countries.





According to the goals proposed, ALER develops its activities based on values such as excellency, equality, transparency, cooperation and sustainability:

Excellency regarding the quality of the work to be performed;

Equality regarding the treatment towards all Members, regardless of its dimension and country of origin, according to the rights and duties set forth in the statutes;

Transparency regarding internal and external activities;

Cooperation between all membership categories and between these and external entities;

Sustainability as keystone to use natural resources, believing that RE contributes to fight climate changes and that RE activities will be developed with as less environmental and social impact as possible.