16 of March 2016
Lisbon, Portugal

1st Edition of ALER Open Day

ALER organized the 1st Edition of ALER Open Day last March 16th at the premises of the Association in Lisbon.


ALER Open Day is an initiative for Members only that provides an opportunity to:

  • Share exclusive information that ALER has been collecting thanks to our increasingly growing network of contacts;
  • Present the several ideas for future initiatives of the Association, collecting suggestions and comments from Members and providing more active participation at an early stage;
  • Members can share their projects and ambitions, asking for input from other participants (only for those interested - there is no sharing obligation);
  • Bring ALER closer to its Members and the Members between themselves;
  • Exchange views and make decisions about how to best implement the ALER Business Plan, seizing opportunities and managing ALER's limited resources;
  • Enhance benefits for Members, having access to inside information.


This first meeting was attended by 15 Members, in-person and via Skype.


The meeting started with a presentation of national developments in each of ALER's priority countries, followed by developments at international level. Then, the proposals for new ALER initiatives ALER were presented followed by the Communication Plan, to which Members gave their views and comments. The meeting ended with a tour de table of Members to share initiatives, projects or concerns.

The event feedback was very positive, demonstrating recognition of the importance and usefulness of this initiative, that Members wanted to have repeated. We look forward to be able to share news about the new ALER initiatives that were agreed soon.

ALER Open Day will have a six-month minimum regularity. Exceptionally, external participants may be invited to make a presentation on issues relevant to Members.