29 of March 2016
Lisbon, Portugal

ALER General Assembly approves Annual Report of 2015

ALER's General Assembly was held last March 29 at the headquarters of the Association in Lisbon. This General Assembly approved unanimously the Activities and Accounts Report of 2015. The Communication Plan of ALER was also discussed and approved unanimously.

This meeting had the participation of 13 Members, in-person and via Skype, corresponding to 65.8% of the votes.

As emphasized by ALER's President in his message to the Members, 2015 was the year of the beginning of activities of ALER, but still a year of great progress and achieveent of the expectations although there was no reference base. ALER ended the year with the double of the
Members it had started, managing to recruit new members for the various categories which allowed a diverse critical mass and support base.

Nationally ALER undertook several initiatives in three selected priority countries for 2015:
Cape Verde, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe. Field trips were made to those countries which allowed for consolidation of contacts and preparation of future activities. During 2015 ALER increased its network of Partners. In addition to the several signed partnership agreements, It is also important to stress out the partnership with CPLP to organize the first conference "Energy for Development of  CPLP", as a follow up of the first meeting of Energy Ministers of CPLP.

In terms of communication ALER has at the moment a constantly updated website, a
monthly newsletter, news, legislation and financing and investment opportunities monitoring services, LERenováveis ​​publications database and the Contacts Directory. In addition, several events were also organized, either alone or in partnership with other entities, having ALER also participated in several external events, often as a speaker.

During the General Assembly some additional initiatives to implement the ALER Business Plan for 2016 were also presented and discussed . We hope to share these news with you very soon!