ALER Talks - Role of National Banks in Financing the Renewable Energy Sector

ALER Talks - Role of National Banks in Financing the Renewable Energy Sector
14 of October 2021


Ariel Cruz Assunção
Ariel Cruz Assunção
Energy Service Director
Ministério da Indústria, Comércio e Energia de Cabo Verde

Ariel Cruz Assunção, Cape Verdean, 36 years old, married, father of 2 daughters, is graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of the Algarve and with Specialization through the Master in Renewable Energy, Conservation of Energy and Sustainable Use by Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

He worked on the private sector, but currently he is the Director of Energy Service (DNICE/DSE) at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy (MICE) in Cape Verde. DNICE/DSE is the entity responsible for defining public policy, planning and technical regulation concerning the energy sector (electricity, fuel)  and currently managing the National Energy Sustainability Plan that will ensure a short Energy Transition, medium and long-term.

José Mestre
José Mestre
Technical Advisor
GET.invest Moçambique

José Mestre is currently based in Maputo as Coordinator of the GET.Invest Mozambique Country Window. Its tasks include implementing private sector mobilisation activities and developing a pipeline of projects, such as managing the implementation of GET.Vest services in the country. Over the past 15 years, its field of work has included policy and regulatory reforms and funding to facilitate public and private investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa

Epifania Stella Ernesto Gove
Epifania Stella Ernesto Gove
Manager of Renewable Projects
Banco Comercial e de Investimentos

Epifania Stella Ernesto Gove, graduated in Law from the University of Essex in the UK and Master in Energy and Natural Resources Law from the University of Melbourne, Australia.


In the last 5 years has been deeply involved in the Renewable Energy sector through the role it plays in the Commercial and Investment Bank as responsible for developing projects in this sector as well as the sector through the Mozambican Energy Association Renewable -AMER where it is a founding member and where it serves as a Member of Management.


The two hats you currently wear (bank and AMER) give you a unique opportunity to understand the needs of the sector through the various angles, for if on the one hand you develop banking products for Small and Medium Enterprises in the removable energy sector, thus allowing them to thrive and expand their activities, on the other hand it is part of a platform that allows direct engagement with the public and private sector in creating a favourable market for renewable energy.

Oldemiro Belchior
Oldemiro Belchior
Director of Investment Banking and Chief Economist
Millennium BIM

Oldemiro Soverano Petersburgo Belchior, Mozambican, graduated in Economics and Post-graduate in Banking Management from the Portuguese Catholic University, started his banking career in 2000, having collaborated in several national financial institutions (BCI, BDC, Barclays Bank and Moza)where he held management positions in the areas of Corporate, Credit, Risk Management and Asset Recovery. He is the author of the literary work "Financiamento PME", published in July 2015.


Founding member of Moza Banco, he was also Economic Advisor to the Mozambican Bank Association and Adviser to the Mozambique Chamber of Commerce. He has published several opinion articles on specialty pages, such as in Diário Económico, Revista "100 Melhores PME" and "Economia e Mercados", Semanário Económico do "País" and "Notícias".


He is currently Director of Investment Banking and Chief Economist of Millennium BIM. He is also Vice-president of the Financial Portfolio in the Confederation of Economic Associations of Mozambique (CTA).

Bernardo Aparício
Bernardo Aparício
Executive Director
Absa Bank Moçambique - Banca Corporativa e de Investimento

Bernardo Aparício is since May 2016 the member of the Executive Committee responsible for the Corporate and Investment Banking of Absa Bank Mozambique, which includes the business areas of Corporate Banking, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking and Market Room. He is also Executive Director of Absa Bank Mozambique.

Bernardo was previously the Director of Investment Banking for the Southern and Eastern African regions. He was appointed to the position in June 2013 with a particular focus on Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets and Project Finance.


After joining Barclays in 2009, he worked in the Project Finance sector with a focus on Portugal, and was later named Co-head of the International Debt Team at Barclays in London, responsible for managing all corporate client debt in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Before Barclays, he was Director of Infrastructure Financing in Banesto (Grupo Santander) in Madrid and Vice President of Project Finance do Caixabi (Caixa Geral de Depósitos) team in Lisbon, focusing on Europe, the US and Latin America. Bernardo holds a degree in Economics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

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