11 of July 2023
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Countries' Week: extra day dedicated to Brazil

For the first time in dialogue, ALER joined forces with the Brazilian Renewable Energy Associations to broaden and promote debate and cooperation between Portuguese-speaking African countries and Brazil.


An extraordinary session was held on Tuesday, July 11th, at 10am Brazil time (GMT-3), 2pm Portugal time (GMT+1), as part of the Countries' Week, free of charge to all interested parties.


This event opened the way for Brazilian companies to find out the status and opportunities of the renewable energy sector in Lusophone African countries and, in turn, gave the floor to Brazilian Renewable Energy Associations to present the most current data of the Brazilian sector, allowing cooperation and direct exchange of experiences between the two markets.


On the Brazilian side, the event featured representatives from the solar, wind, biogas, biofuels and hydrogen sectors, who explained how Brazil has managed to position itself as a reference country in the energy transition. On the Portuguese-speaking side, ALER's Executive Director presented an overview of the Market Fact Sheets for the 5 Portuguese-speaking African countries (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe) that were launched the week before, covering all technologies and market segments, explaining each country's national framework and respective targets, plans and projects. On the African side, the presidents of the Renewable Energy Associations of Angola and Mozambique identified potential opportunities for collaboration.


Thanks to the participation of members from all these Associations, this was a unique initiative that brought together the key players in the renewable energy sector from both sides of the Atlantic to identify existing connection points and foster collaboration for future projects.

Speakers presentations

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Session's Video
July 11th

Access here and review the Brazil session, part of the Countries' Week.