24 of June 2015
Lisbon, Portugal

I Conference on Energy for Development of CPLP

TheI Conference on Energy for Development of CPLP aims to recognize the value of the existing capacity in this Community to affirm itself as a global actor in the world energy field and to show the ability to be an intercontinental platform for political and diplomatic coordination, technical, financial and economic cooperation partner, a promoter to the creation of business and production of wealth, an agent in the production of investigation, science and technology and a driver of a global model of energetic sovereignty and development for the XXI Century.

Therefore it seeks to:

           Recognize the political, economic and financial value of the energy sector in the CPLP

           Demonstrate the geostrategic and geopolitical potential of the sector on a global scale

           Increment and foster partnerships, business environment, investment and cooperation frameworks

           Strengthen the creation of knowledge and its application to the sector

           Create a global citizenship for energy


ALER is one of the institutional partners of the event. Members of ALER will have a special registration fee of 30% in the conference.