7 of May 2015
Maputo, Mozambique

Powering Africa Mozambique


4ª Annual Meeting Powering Africa,  7 - 8 May




The integration of the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy of Mozambique allowed it to move forward regarding the country’s 'Vision 2025' for its gas and power sectors. The appointment of the former Vice-Minister of Finance, Mr. Pedro Conceição Couto as Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy brings a wide knowledge of financing and investment sectors that will empower the country's growing targets.


The Mozambican Meeting will be held in the fantastic Hotel Polana Serena in Maputo. The meeting will explore different financing models to support market developments and power-gas projects, as well as feature case studies by implementers and their partners. This focused meeting on gas, renewable energy and regional interconnectivity will bring together public and private sectors, project developers and global financiers to facilitate the flow of trade, project success and strengthen public-private partnerships.


This meeting will be attended by respectful participants and major investors such as Eskom, Sasol, AIIM, ACWA Power, SMBC, European Investment Bank, African Development Bank and Tractabel Engineering.




Registrations are limited in order to guarantee the free debate format thus given all participants the chance to contribute.




Members of ALER will have a special registration fee of 25% in the conference.