November 17th, 2022
Maputo | Online
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Renewables for Industry and Agriculture in Mozambique

On November 17th, Thursday, took place in Maputo the hybrid event “Renewables for Industry and Agriculture in Mozambique”.


Given the challenges faced by the agricultural and industrial sector regarding energy access, renewable energies are the solution to contribute and boost the reliability, profitability and sustainability of agricultural and industrial projects. In a country like Mozambique, with an advanced market for the supply of renewable energies, it is necessary to raise awareness and inform professionals in the agricultural and industrial sector about the benefits that they can obtain from renewables.


In this context, the event “Renewables for Industry and Agriculture in Mozambique” had the aim to clarify the technical and financial concepts of renewable energy projects, raise awareness and provide more information about energy access opportunities, increase demand of renewable energies by the industrial and agricultural sectors, promote investment and financing for the private sector, disseminating lines of credit and other mechanisms of assistance to the financing of projects.


This event was simultaneously transmited online, and offered the opportunity for companies and investors to present their products and services to the agricultural and industrial sector.


For this purpose, several pitch sessions were held during this day, complemented by networking opportunities for all the participants. More than 100 participants attended, from which companies, investors and target audiences from the agricultural and industrial sector had the unique opportunity to come together to establish dialogues and ensure a fruitful exchange of benefits of renewable energies for the agricultural and industrial sector.

Note: This event didn't had simultaneous interpretation.

Events' photographs

Photographs of the event are now available. Access here!

Speakers presentations

Check the presentations of the event available in front of each speakers' name, scrolling down the speakers page.


See here the event Press-Release with the most important highlights.

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