ALER and MINEA Cooperation agreement for Angolan and European partners

ALER, the Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA) and the EU-Angola Dialogue Facility signed an Action Implementation Agreement under the 3rd EU-Angola Dialogue Facility Call for Proposals (CAP3). The joint proposal from ALER and MINEA was one of eight selected among 44 applications.

The action proposed by MINEA and ALER, that will receive financial support from the EU, aims to create an "Exchange of Experiences on Solar Home Systems", which foresees the realization of a technical mission to Mozambique and a diagnosis on the challenges and barriers to off-grid electrification in the Angolan context,  establishing a set of recommendations to strengthen cooperation between Angola and the European Union, within the scope of expanding Energy Access, with the purpose of implementing a Solar Home System Programme, directed at rural and peri-urban areas outside the current energy distribution grid.


This Action will be developed under the EU-Angola Dialogue Facility, a project financed by the European Development Fund, which aims to support Actions promoted by Angolan and European institutions to deepen the regular exchange of knowledge and good practices in the areas defined by the Angola-European Union Joint Pathway Agreement with relevance to the 2018-2022 National Development Plan. The EU-Angola Dialogue Facility is governed by the Project Steering Committee, consisting of the Ambassador of the European Union in Angola, the Minister of Economy and Planning and the Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs.


Good Practices Seminar
Held on December 13th in Luanda