Communication and Awareness Plan in Cape Verde

ALER developed, between February and June 2023, the Communication and Awareness Plan for the "Sustainable Energy Access and Climate Action Plan" (SEACAP) of the Municipality of Praia and Ribeira Grande de Santiago in Cape Verde.


This is a regional initiative that comes under the European project "Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa" (CoM SSA) launched in 2016 and landed in Cape Verde in 2020 with the first two signatory cities in the country: Praia and Cidade Velha.


From the CoM SSA, local authorities are invited to voluntarily commit to the implementation of climate and energy policies in their communities and agree to a long-term vision to address three pillars: sustainable energy access, climate mitigation and adaptation.


The Communication and Awareness Plan defined by ALER supported SEACAP's communication work to create, among other objectives, awareness of the challenges and solutions that the two cities (Praia and Cidade Velha) face in the climate field, and support the initiative Pacto de Autarcas in order to bring together all the municipalities that are part of the country, so that Cape Verde can give a local and tangible response to a global problem such as climate change.