Women Sustainable Energy Program

Women Sustainable Energy Program

The "Women Sustainable Energy Program" aims to to empower women in order to promote gender equality and equity in the development of the energy sector, in accordance with ALER’s commitment to the Gender and Energy Compact.


Under this program will be developed activities, such as, webinars and workshops, talks with inspiring women, as well as mentoring and networking sessions that will allow the development of our participants skills.


All the applicants submitted a project idea related  to Sustainable Energy, or a motivation letter in which they presented the reasons why they should be selected. In the end, 22 candidates were selected from São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde.


This program started in February and is taking place until June, with weekly sessions led by ALER with the support of other partners, such as Territórios Criativos and the Association of Mozambican Women in Energy (MWE).


This initiative is promoted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and ALER and, is within the scope of the Project "Strategic Program to Promote Investments in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Electricity Sector of São Tomé and Príncipe".

Adama Aua Balde

Has a degree in Economics and Management, and has knowledge in agriculture and livestock. With this project, intends to develop her skills and apply the acquired knowledge in projects related to renewable energy and women empowerment in Guinea-Bissau.

Alércia Monteiro

Engineering graduate in Renewable Energies from the University of Mindelo, with practical experience in the assembly and installation of photovoltaic systems.

Ana Furtado

Electrical Engineer in the Energy area from the University of Cape Verde, motivated to learn and discover new things.

Andreia Ramos

Engineer in Renewable Energies from the University of Mindelo, promoter of the company ENERNOVA which operates in the areas of renewable energies, energy efficiency, education and environmental protection.

Ariana Andrade

Entrepreneur in the area of Construction and Renewable Energy. Graduated in architecture, is an Executive Director and works in Architecture and Specialty Studies & Projects, installations, Renewable Energy systems and construction.

Artemísia Lopes

With a bachelor's degree in Marine Biology and Fisheries at ISECMAR, completed the graduate degree complement in Marine Biology and Fisheries - Conservation and Marine and Coastal Management Variant at the University of Cape Verde. Currently works as a teacher at the Salesian School of Arts and Crafts in Mindelo.

Delicia Loloum
São Tomé and Príncipe

Graduated in Business Management in São Tomé (ISP), has held positions in different national NGOs, in projects to assist and enhance the national handcraft sector and produced food products. She is a partner of the company Zuntabawe, Lda and Vanha Lda, and launched the brand Delícias das Ilhas. In 2021 she created a rural tourism project integrated with the plantation at Praia Vanhá in Porto Alegre.

Eunice Landim

President of a Association of Community Development. Works as an auditor and accountant, and has experience in accounting, project management, human resource management and microfinance. She is an enthusiast about community development projects.

Irina Mendes

Master in Social Anthropology, specialist in Social Work, Public Policy and Social Rights. Works as a social worker and has experience in the areas of health, social work, legal, childhood and youth. She is a community manager at the Josefinos de Murialdo National Institution and a volunteer at the Enio i Matchu social project, a social institution in Portugal.

Keila Pires

Graduated in Electrical Engineering in the Energy field. With knowledge in Electrical, Wind and Solar Energy Grids, and Battery Energy Storage Systems.

Laura Reis

Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications Student.

Ricardina da Veiga

Civil Construction Engineer, with experience in associative leadership. Currently works as an event designer, and is an activist and volunteer.

Silênia Mendes

Graduated in Management, with three years of experience in Human Resources. Works as a coordinating assistant for an NGO, and collaborates with a team to create the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Guinea-Bissau.

Simone Duarte

Mechanical Engineer, with ten years of experience in maintenance and logistics of construction equipment. Entrepreneur at Fresk D'Gustinh, a family business dedicated to the fishing, processing and fish marketing. 

Sónia Veiga

Has a degree in Biology-Scientific Branch, Master's student in Environmental Management and Policies at the University of Cape Verde. Works as a Fisheries Inspector at the General Fisheries Inspectorate of the Ministry of the Sea.
It seeks to collaborate in the development of a sustainable, conducive and healthy environment for all.

Tinita Samba

Graduated  and with a Master's degree in Management with a specialty in Marketing. She is interested in renewable energies due to the importance of the transition from fossil energy to renewable and clean energies.

Yara Vicente
São Tomé and Príncipe

Visual education teacher at the Me-xinho High School and owner of a store. She is a student of the Degree in Informatics and Business Management at the IUCAI-University Institute of Accounting, Administration and Informatics.