Solar Home Systems for rural development of Guinea-Bissau

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Location: Bafatá, Gabú, Quinara and Tombali regions in Guinea-Bissau

Technology: Homemade photovoltaic solar systems

Promoter: Foundation Rural Energy Services (FRES)
Investment/Financing: Over 3 M€ funded by subvention from the European Commission

Year of initial operation: 2011


This project works according to a pioneering Energy-as-a-Service model that has several advantages, such as the low initial investment cost and customers not having  to pay for equipment management and maintenance. Through this implementation, was possible to implement greater access to electricity in rural areas, promoting better community services and reliable and safe energy for families in 609 villages in the regions of Bafatá, Quinara, Tombali and Gabú, but also for companies, services and public entities in the region, therefore promoting the creation of local employment and business opportunities.


These case studies were presented in the webinar “Reference Case Studies in Renewable Energies - São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde”, organised by ALER in partnership with the Directorate General for Natural Resources and Energy (DGRNE) from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Natural Resources (MIRN),  and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), which took place on March 9th.