Briefing: Renewables in Mozambique 2022

The "Briefing: Renewables in Mozambique 2022" was launched during the "Business Conference - Renewables in Mozambique 2022" (available here for download).


Following the 2021 edition (access here), we published a reference document with the latest updates on the renewable energy market in Mozambique.


Updates from the 2022 edition: 


  • The Total Electrification Rate increased from 38% to 44%;

  • The new Electricity Law and the Regulation of Access to Energy in Off-grid zones were published;

  • FUNAE's 76 mini-grids, corresponding to 6.3 MW, increased to 97 mini-grids corresponding to 9.2 MW of energy;

  • In 2021 there were two lines of credit for renewable energy products available in national banks, nowadays there are 21 support programmes with grants totalling 282 MEUR of funding for renewable projects;

  • We have developed a new chapter dedicated to the Commercial & Industrial sector;


The 2022 edition of the Summary is divided into seven chapters, of which:


1. General Sector Data;
2. Legal and Institutional Framework;
3. Independent Power Producers;

4. Commercial and Industrial;
5. Mini-Grids;
6. Solar Home Systems;
7. Clean Cooking.


The "Briefing: Renewables in Mozambique 2022" was developed by Associação Lusófona de Energias Renováveis ​​​​(ALER) and Associação Moçambicana de Energias Renováveis ​​​​(AMER), with the support of GET.invest Mozambique - funded by the European Union and Germany, and part of the European program GET.invest.