31st of January 2020
Lisbon, Portugal

AMER receives capacity building from ALER

The Mozambican Renewable Energy Association (AMER), represented by their Executive Director, received training and shared experiences for two weeks in ALER’s offices in Lisbon in a program supported by GET.invest, a European programme supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Austria. 


ALER, has supported the creation of AMER in 2017 and since then has a close relationship with the Mozambican association. The purpose of this training was to share more concrete insights based on ALER’s experience since its creation, including the knowledge and lessons learned from that process to be adapted to AMER’s context.

The following key topics were addressed , although other opportunities to learn arose as well:

  • Internal Management: meetings, procedures, mailing lists and software tools
  • Projects: project management, funding, budgets and reporting
  • Publications: market factsheets, databases, monitoring services and national status reports
  • Accounting: Treasury, invoicing, allowances and fiscal agreements
  • Governing Bodies: statutes and internal rules, board meetings, general assembly, supervisory board and advisory board, internal events, Action Plan and Budget and Annual Report and Accounts
  • Human Resources: Recruitment, contracts, insurances and timesheets
  • Members: Raising, application process and follow up
  • Communication: Website, newsletter, social networks, content management, press releases, institutional presentation, sponsorship package and partnerships

The program was very comprehensive and transversal in order to cover all the topics when managing an Association and was adapted according to AMER’s Executive Director knowledge and needs. It was conducted by the three ALER staff members, namely the Executive Director, Project Manager and the Communication and Events Manager, who provided different knowledges, skills and ways of working.

This colaboration will now continue remotely, as well as the drafting of a joint action plan for 2020.