9 of May 2017

100% RE Building Blocks: A toolkit for a sustainable transition to 100% Renewable Energy

The first multistakeholder platform for 100 percent renewable energy (Global 100% RE Campaign) became a legal entity, bringing together the different sectors to advance dialogue and cooperation in support of the transition to a sustainable 100% RE future. 

In conjunction with the official launch of the Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform, the organization has released a comprehensive toolkit, “100% RE Building Blocks“, to support the 100% renewable energy transition by providing policy makers, governments, and community champions with the tools to create their own 100% renewable energy roadmaps.

The ultimate ambition is to create a living document that can serve as an interactive tool box for stakeholders worldwide. This means creating a set of workable building blocks that can be adapted and modified as appropriate to fit particular local contexts. These building blocks serve as guidance when developing 100% RE roadmaps and strategies as well as a monitoring and benchmarking tool for mapping progress towards the achievement of the 100% RE goal.

The full report, executive summary, and printable toolkit can be found here.

The ‘Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform’ is based on the principles of achieving: 100% renewable energy in power, heating/cooling, and transport sectors globally; 100% renewable energy-based investments in energy systems; and a decentralized, people-centered approach.

The Platform is part of the ‘Global 100% RE’ campaign, which was launched in April 2013, and of which ALER is a partner.