16 of August 2016

2016 APREN Conference

APREN – the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association, one of ALER's Founding Members, is organizing its annual conference, entitled "Visions of Renewable Electricity", which will take place on November 16 at the Estoril Congress Centre, in Cascais, Portugal. Registrations for the event are now open.


We are now witnessing the society electrification, both through the growing use of electronic devices and computers, or through the conversion of traditional uses as the electric car.

These uses are possible not only due to the technological development but also for a growing awareness that this path which was being followed will not be able to guarantee the planet's sustainability, inducing climate change with well known consequences.

In this transition, electricity from renewable sources has a major role, since it’s another way to generate an expanding energy, besides reducing the environmental impact. It should also be noted that the associated costs are already equivalent to fossil and nuclear thermal generation.

2016 APREN Conference will be a space for joint reflection on industry trends, debating among the view of producers, the vision of the new uses and society vision, in its various aspects.

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