30 of April 2019

2018 record year for Cabeólica

Antão Fortes, CEO of Cabeólica, ALER member, announced that 2018 proved to be the best in the company's history of power generation for Cape Verde’s power grids.


This result was achieved due to favorable winds and less wind power limitations imposed by the network managers. Therefore the company was able to continue the excellent performance with satisfactory and very encouraging results that has been developing until now.


Although the share of wind energy has fallen, Cabeólica continued to have a strong presence in the country's energy matrix, contributing until the end of 2018 with a total of 543,000 MWh, representing 20% of energy penetration during the 7 years of operation. These values demonstrate Cabeólica's determination to be a company strongly committed to the sustainable development of the country's energy sector.


ALER congratulate our members for such a good performance in 2018 and wishes the best luck to continue the good work this year of 2019 and beyond!


Source and Imagem © Cabeólica