29 of September 2021

2nd ALER Talks

The second edition of the ALER Talks will take place on October 14th at 10am, which will focus on the "Role of National Banks in Financing the Renewable Energy Sector". 


The reason for choosing this theme for the next ALER Talk is that investments in renewable energy in Portuguese-speaking countries, like the rest of Africa, are mostly for independent energy producers (IPP) with origin in multilateral entities or Financial Institutions for Development (DFI), due to the favorable conditions that this type of entities can offer, in a project model Finance, in foreign capital and foreign currency.


In this context, the aim of the second ALER conversation is to:

  • Promoting national private funding for different types of renewable energy investments
  • Informing and raising local banks' awareness of opportunities and trends in the renewable energy sector
  • Mobilize domestic funders to venture into segments of the renewable energy market
  • Bringing together and promoting dialogue between creditors and beneficiaries of local financing of renewable energy projects, contributing to the identification of barriers and solutions
  • Present and disseminate the initiatives that have already been developed and are planned in the various Portuguese-speaking countries
  • Sharing ideas and best practices among local banks in Portuguese-speaking African countries on how to finance the renewable energy sector

  • Contribute to the development of a sustainable renewable energy market by increasing local content.


This Talk is supported by ALER's long lasting partner – GET.invest – a program that mobilizes investments in decentralized renewable energies, supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria, which recently launched a collaboration with Mozambican banks to increase investments in decentralized renewable energy projects and companies (more info here).

"ALER Talks" are an event in the form of a short and informal webinar on a current topic moderated by ALER’s Executive Director, Isabel Cancela de Abreu, and have a quarterly frequency. As in the first ALER Talk (more info here), registration is free but mandatory and open to the general public.

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