31 of July 2018

2nd Edition of ALER Open Day

ALER organized the 2ndEdition of the ALER Open Day on July 4that the Association's headquarters in Lisbon.

The ALER Open Day aims to be a forum exclusively for Members, providing an informal space for disclosure of insider information, contacts and extra groups General Assembly.

This event is an opportunity to:

  • Share exclusive information that ALER has been collecting thanks to our activities;
  • Present the several ideas for future initiatives of the Association, collecting suggestions and comments from Members and providing more active participation at an early stage;
  • Sharing the latest developments in the energy sector by the national entities,  ALER’s Members, in the countries where ALER has been most active;
  • Members, particularly private sector representatives, can ask questions directly and based on the information received, plan their projects and investments;
  • Bring ALER closer to its Members and the Members between themselves;
  • Enhance benefits for Members, having access to inside information.

This second meeting was attended by 20 Members, in person and through Skype, and enabled sharing first-hand information on developments in the renewable sector in Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau.

About Mozambique, the National Electricity Strategy was presented by the National Directorate for Energy of MIREME and the revision of the General Electricity Law, to the charge of the SPEED + project (USAID). The EDM (Electricity of Mozambique) Strategy and the Electricity Sector Master Plan were presented by EDM.

Finally, the latest developments of the Guinea Bissau Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Status Report were presented by TESE - Development Association.

It is gratifying for us to be facilitators of sharing and communication opportunities among our Members, giving them access to exclusive information and of the utmost importance within the scope of the PALOP's Energy Sector.

Source and Image © ALER