2 of December 2021

“30 by 2030”: AMER launches a Statement and Position Paper for COP26

 AMER - Mozambican Renewable Energy Association has launched a Statement for COP26 in which they present their vision: by 2030, energy from renewable resources such as solar, wind and small-to-medium hydro power should represent at least 30% of Mozambique’s total installed and operating generating capacity.


The 2018 Mozambique Master Plan for Power Development currently proposes keeping the proportion of solar and wind power to just about 10% of maximum demand. AMER believes that this penetration can be increased from such a low threshold and the primary technical concerns about grid stabilization can be accomplished while raising the bar to at least 30% of peak demand.


In order to achieve the “30 by 2030” goal, AMER is seeking international support for three levers:


1. Halt all unabated coal-power development in country:

AMER seeks to obtain international support that will work with the Mozambican Government to put a halt on any existing plans to develop, construct or operate any unabated coal-power projects in the country.           


2. Urgent and intensive professional upskilling of key public sector functionaries evaluating renewable projects to reduce the gestation time required to bring projects to financial close:      

Talented and promising managers at institutions such as Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Finance, ARENE, EDM and FUNAE need to be quickly upskilled on the technical, commercial and E&S aspects involved in evaluating and advancing the deployment of green power projects within the framework of project development.            


3. Concessional financing into battery storage solutions, primary generation equipment and transmission networks.


By coupling different types of renewable energy sources - solar, small-to-medium scale hydro, and wind power resources – synced up with the intelligent placement of large-scale battery storage solutions we believe a stable, flexible base-load profile supply within a resilient grid can bring electric power to millions more homes and businesses in a growing Mozambican economy.


For more information, read the statement here