27 of February 2017

5th Anniversary of the Monte Trigo PV Power Plant

The PV Power Plant in Monte Trigo celebrates this month  its fifth year of operations in a continuous, uninterrupted and safe way.

Monte Trigo became Cape Verde’s first rural micro grid with 100% renewable energy generation, operating since February 2012. Five years later, the PV Power Plant celebrates its birthday under the motto "Monte Trigo, five years on the Route of the Sun".

Monte Trigo PV Power Plant was co-financed under the SESAM-ER Project by the European Union and Municipality of Porto Novo and implemented by a consortium of companies specialized in renewable energies, led by Empresa Águas de Ponta Preta (APP).

With the official delivery of Monte Trigo PV Power Plant to the Municipality of Porto Novo, the Power Plant management started to be in co-partnership with Águas de Ponta Preta (APP), within the scope of the company's corporate social responsibility policy.

The anniversary of Monte Trigo, more than a celebration, symbolizes the importance of renewable energy as a lever for sustainable development, with unavoidable impacts on the economy, social stability and environmental protection, especially in remote and isolated areas.

During these 5 years of activity, the plant has produced 169 MWh of solar electricity,  of which 152 MWh weere consumed, thus avoiding the consumption of 49 465 liters of diesel and the emission of 148 metric tons of CO2.

This data, even though insignificant at a national level, position Monte Trigo as a reference location for solar energy, proving the viability of this energy source as a solution to increase the penetration of renewable energy in the country and especially for Cape Verde’s isolated, small and scattered areas.

Monte Trigo also represents a small contribution to the establishment of national energy sovereignty and a sample of the national policies viability to reduce energy dependence (reduction of fossil fuel import and transportation losses, responsible consumption and energy efficiency, and increasing penetration of renewable energy in the national system). It also proves solar energy viability and reliability, with considerable technological maturity in the market and competitive prices.

The photovoltaic installation in Monte Trigo was modular and existing buildings were used, namely the Basic School, creating a space of harmonious comfort in which, in addition to being used for playful and pedagogic activities of the School, is one of the viewpoints of the Village and a community meeting point.

From global to local, the Monte Trigo’s contribution is evident in terms of environmental protection, CO2 emissions reduction, greenhouse gas effect and climate change.

During this commemorative year, the Municipal Council and APP held a set of reflection activities on renewable energies and isolated areas.