16 of August 2016

AfDB’s mission visits dam rehabilitation project in Mozambique

On August 3, the African Development Bank’s Resident Representative in Mozambique, Joseph Ribeiro, and various members of the diplomatic community visited the Massingir Dam project in Gaza province, in the country’s southern region. The visit sought to illustrate developments work being jointly undertaken by the Bank and the Government of Mozambique.

The mission included Frank E. Viyazhi, High Commissioner of Malawi; Olebile M. Gaborone, High Commissioner of Botswana; Marcia de Castro, UN Resident Coordinator; and Bettina Maas, UNFPA Country Manager. The members described the trip as an eye-opening experience, which enabled them to link the size of the dam, which is the second largest in Mozambique, with the expected economic impact on the ground.

Upon completion of the ongoing rehabilitation works by mid-2017, the dam will be able to contribute significantly to three of the Bank’s High 5s: “Light up and Power Africa” through a 27.4 MW capacity to produce hydroelectric power; “Feed Africa” through irrigation of 90,000 hectares of land; and “Improve the quality of life for the people of Africa” through provision of drinking water to 17,000 people in Massingir district. The mission was pleased with the quality and progress of work that the Bank is financing, in particular observing the construction of auxiliary spillway to safe proof the dam against large floods, and the rehabilitation of bottom outlets, which will allow for year-round irrigation downstream of the dam.

Source and Images ©  AfDB