28 of July 2022

Águas de Ponta Preta wins tender to purchase electricity for two solar power plants

Águas de Ponta Preta (APP), ALER’s member, won a tender for the acquisition of electricity for the development of a 5 MW photovoltaic solar plant, on the island of São Vicente, and a 5 MW photovoltaic solar plant, on the island of Sal.


The announcement was communicated by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy (MICE), through the National Directorate of Industry, Commerce and Energy (DNICE), establishing the consortium composed by the companies Águas de Ponta Preta – Impulso Solar – Elmya as the winner of the two tenders.


According to the statement, the results indicate that, even with the constraints of the past and the present, it was possible to obtain record results at a national level with an indication of electricity sales tariffs (CVE/kWh), both for São Vicente and for Sal, highly competitive, surpassing the most optimistic expectations. The reference tariff for these two tenders was 6.80 CVE/kWh.


The financial proposal presented will bring more gains to all those who are part of the National Electric System and essentially final consumers, while the materialization of these important investments will allow the country to achieve the established goals, comply with international commitments, namely the Objective of Sustainable Development SDG No. 7 and the Nationally Determined Contribution.


In accordance with the procedures provided for in the legislation in force, the next steps will be the negotiation and signing of contracts for the purchase of electricity with the winner of the tender, followed by the licensing and construction of the plants, before their entry into operation.


Source: MICE