29 of June 2015

ALER's 2015 Action Plan approved

ALER’ General Assembly, held last June 25th, unanimously approved the Action Plan and Budget for 2015.

This General Assembly had a significant participation of 22 Members corresponding 86,7% of the votes.

The main objectives of ALER depicted in the 2015 Action Plan are:

  •  Continue to raise new Members to increase the critical mass, representation and financial sustainability of ALER;
  • Publish national reports about the status of renewable energy and an online renewable energy contacts directory for the three priority countries to ALER in 2015 (Cape Verde, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe);
  • Organize national events in the three priority countries to present and discuss the national reports and foster networking of different actors within the sector;
  • Promote ALER's monitoring services (news, legislation and finance and investment opportunities) for Members and potential sponsors;
  • Set up working groups with Members to monitor the main topics, national markets and prepare position papers;
  • Provide universal and free access to knowledge through ALER's online database LERenováveis, at the same time seeking a closer cooperation with education institutions;
  • Promote ALER’s communication through the various means  available, namely through our website, newsletter, social media and the media;
  • Enhance ALER's Representation attending events and conferences.

You can find the presentation of ALER's 2015 Action Plan here.