12 of April 2017

ALER and CLUB-ER signed a partner agreement to promote the rural electrification in Africa

ALER and CLUB-ER signed on April 12, 2017, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to kick-off the beginning of a partnership between both associations.

One of the main objectives of the MoU is a cooperative effort to support both Association’s activities on their field of action, in the specific case of ALER to speed up the renewables’ development on African-Portuguese Speaking Countries through rural electrification.

CLUB-ER is an African association for Rural Electrification. It is also a bilingual technical network of some 43 agencies and structures in charge of Rural Electrification.

It aims to accelerate the development of access to electric power services in the rural areas of the African continent by creating the conditions and systematizing the beneficial pooling of experiences between agencies and national structures in charge of Rural electrification

You can find further information about CLUB-ER’s activities here.