30 of October 2016

ALER and RECP join forces on promoting renewable energy investments in Africa

Dear Readers,

At the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Program (RECP), we are very glad to have established the partnership with ALER.

The RECP is a European platform to promote renewable energy market development and investment in Africa. With funding from the European Commission, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Finland, the RECP supports project developers and investors in engaging African markets. Our services to the private sector include the provision of market information, information and matchmaking events for European and African entrepreneurs and tangible advisory support in accessing the various funding instruments for renewables in Africa.

By acting as a facilitator and support platform for private sector, collaborating with industry associations is at the heart of our approach. ALER, with its specific focus on the Portuguese speaking countries, is therefore an instrumental partner for mobilizing additional investments in Africa’s Lusophone markets.

With support from RECP, ALER will organise matchmaking events focused on the Portuguese speaking African markets, and produce reports as well as publications available in Portuguese. Through this collaboration, we will mobilize additional joint business development between European and African stakeholders and stimulate additional renewable energy deployment in Africa.

Established projects can then apply for additional support in accessing relevant sources of finance through RECP’s “Finance Catalyst” service. The Finance Catalyst offers projects advisory support for enhancing bankability as well as for identifying relevant sources of funding specifically for the project in question. The RECP is proud to have recruited a team of highly seasoned advisors combining a wealth of experience in deal closing on Solar, Wind, Hydro and Biomass focused projects.

Many of RECP’s services are directly available through our website: www.africa-eu-renewables.org.

The RECP-Team is looking forward to the collaboration with ALER and its members!

Best regards,

Michael Franz

Team Leader
Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme