29 of February 2024

ALER collaborates and participates in event on Distributed Generation

Organized by GET.transform, in collaboration with GET.invest and partnership with ALER and AMER, "Scaling Distributed Generation in Mozambique" took place in Maputo on 29th February. The event, supported by the European Union, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and Austria, is part of the launch of a white paper and roadmap on distributed generation in Mozambique.


The White Paper and the Roadmap act as a guiding plan for scaling up the distributed renewable energy generation in Mozambique, identifying opportunities and viable scenarios and setting out a guide for their implementation.


Rita Marouço, ALER's project manager, took part in the "Distributed Generation in Mozambique" session, along with representatives from AMER, MIREME/DNE, ARENE and EDM.


The event program also included the presentation of the white paper, a discussion about the opportunities and barriers of distributed generation, and round tables focusing on the roadmap.


More information here.