29 of November 2019

ALER attended several events in November

ALER was present in several events this month, Africa Investment Exchange (AIX), Multilateral Day and in the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of São Tomé and Príncipe.


Africa Investment Exchange (AIX)

This event took place in London on 13th and 14th November and was attended by 70 industry panelists and around 200 participants, providing a space for debate and analysis on the African renewables and electricity market. ALER's Executive Director was a speaker at the panel “Emerging markets in Southern and East Africa”, which was based on “from socialists models to IPP”, speaking about the transition to private sector participation in renewable energy generation projects in Angola and Mozambique, re-launching new initiatives under preparation by both countries, highlighting the forthcoming calls for tender in Mozambique and the end of 2020 in Angola


To know more about the event click here.



Multilateral Day

From 19 to 21 of November, the Multilateral Working Group (AICEP and GPEARI, Ministry of Finance) promoted the “Multilateral Days” in Lisbon, with the participation of representatives and experts from various international financial organizations.


ALER was present on November 20, marked as the Africa Day.


The program was attended by representatives of the World Bank Group, African Development Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank (EIB), which presented the best practices for accessing procurement and financing business opportunities for investment projects in developing countries.


In the afternoon ALER had the opportunity to meet and discuss key issues with IFC Representative Hector Gomez and EIB Representative Isabel Costa.


You can access the presentations here.


Meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of São Tomé and Principe

In the scope of the visit of her Excellency the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sao Tome and Principe, Elsa Teixeira Pinto to Portugal, AICEP organized a meeting on November 28 to present the business and investment opportunities and the legal framework in force in São Tomé and Principe, particularly on the projects most relevant that the Government of Sao Tome and Principe is developing in which ALER  was present  invited by AICEP.

APREN Conference

On November 28th at Fundação Oriente in Lisboa took place APREN (Portuguese Renewable Energy Association) Conference under the theme "From transition to energy commitment"

The Conference was divided into three large panels, covering the most current and relevant renewable energy issues. The first, dedicated to citizens in the energy transition, addressed climate change, digitization and regulation in the adoption of new business models. The second panel discussed financing tools and investment decisions, focusing on solar energy, PPAs, auctions and electricity price projections for 2030. Finally, the third panel presented key energy sector challenges by 2030, such as market regulation, the adaptation of networks to the new energy paradigm, licensing or repowering. In between, there will also be a segment dedicated to the analysis of the PNEC - National Energy and Climate Plan.

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