30 of March 2023

ALER attended the EAIF 2023

In March, ALER participated in the Energy Access Investment Forum 2023 (EAIF) which took place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast between March 21st to 23rd. Similarly to last year, ALER's Project Manager Rita Marouço was present, and could accompany the delegation of Mozambique and Angola throughout the event.


Rita Marouço was an invited speaker at the panel "Private-public dialogue on renewable electrification & investment Opportunities in Southern Africa" which took place on March 23rd. This session was also attended by the representative of the Angola Delegation, Mr. Serafim Silveira, National Director of Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy representing the Ministry of Energy and Water of Angola.


During the session it was possible to reach the conclusion that many of the African countries are in different stages of development of the renewable energy sector and it is necessary to continue working to achieve the established goals. In this sense, each entity has its role to play: the public sector with the creation/development of a favourable policy to attract the private sector, the private sector as responsible for the implementation and development of the various projects and the banking sector (national/international) in leveraging financing so that the same projects can be materialised.


Also on March 23rd, a session dedicated to the Mozambican market took place, under the theme "Private-public renewable electrification roundtable: Mozambique" organised by GET. invest and with the participation of the Executive Director of AMER, Sheila Bila, Filipe Mondlane of FUNAE, Damião Namurera of MIREME, Erik Laborda of Dynamiss, Gary Wiltshire of Logos Industriesfogo, Marcus Rother of GET.invest Finance Catalyst, Arnoud de Vroomen SolarWorks! CEO and moderation by Dario Mapsanganhe of GET.invest.


EAIF is the leading annual business and finance event for the rural electrification sector, whose main objective is to foster partnerships for sustainable access to electricity, decarbonisation, economic growth and combating climate change. It is an event organised by the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE), and this year was co-organised by the African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA) and with support from GET.invest and Prospect. The Forum was attended by around 350 participants, ranging from private and public investors, development finance institutions, international financing partners, government institutions and private sector companies.