8 of March 2024

ALER celebrates Women's International Day with an interview with Mayra Pereira and Miquelina Menezes

This 8th March, to celebrate International Women's Day, ALER is publishing an Interview with the two women who lead the Association: Mayra Pereira, President of ALER, and Miquelina Menezes, President of the General Assembly.


Mayra Pereira and Miquelina Menezes guide us through ALER's journey, give us a lusophone perspective on its regional operations, tell us about its relationship with the National Renewable Energy Associations and give us their points of view on the evolution and future of the sector, particularly in Mozambique.


This interview is part of the Thematic Notebook on the III Business Conference - Renewables in Mozambique (RenMoz 2023), which will be published very soon.


Read the full interview here.