22 of April 2016

ALER cooperates with the University of Vigo on HEEMS project

ALER signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Vigo to engage in the European HEEMS Project development.

The University of Vigo in the framework of the cooperation program Edulink II, a Higher Education Cooperation Program within the ACP-EU (Cooperation between the European Union and Africa, Caribbean and Pacific), and targeting the access to energy and energy efficiency sector, signed a financial agreement with the ACP Group of sates for the implementation of the action: “Reinforcement of Higher Education as a tool to foster efficient use of energy applied to the poverty reduction within the marine sector through capacity building and regional integration”.

The European HEEMS Project is coordinated by the University of Vigo, has an estimated duration of 30 months (that began at the end of 2013), and includes the following education institutions in Cape Verde, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe:

One of the HEEMS Project’s activities is the development of a participatory academic cooperation strategy at national level between the higher education institutions involved (partners) and other stakeholders.

Under this collaboration, ALER will have free access to various training activities carried out under the HEEMS project.

More information about the HEEMS project available here.