31 of January 2019

ALER cooperate with EU project

ALER is collaborating with the European Joint Programme (EJP) for European-African cooperation in R & I in renewable energy.


In this first phase, the aim is to involve all types of actors in the definition of a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda in renewable energies between Europe and Africa. We recall that the theme of Renewable Energy and climate change is the second priority of the High Level Policy Dialogue on Science, Technology and Innovation.


It is within this dialogue that the PRE-LEAP-RE project was conceived by the European Commission. This project brings together 17 African and European partners from different sectors such as education, research, private sector, policy and financing, and was created with the following objectives:

  • Identify and formulate a strategic jointly designed research and innovation agenda for the collaboration between Europe and Africa;
  • Elaborate a review and subsequent analysis of past and current initiatives;
  • Formulate a technological and social innovation pathway;
  • Boost an initiative towards an African Union-European Union (AU-EU) platform on renewable energy.


The next step will be to prepare the 5-year European Joint Programme in which Ministries of Energy and / or its institutes, as well as Ministries of Research and their institutes in Europe and Africa, will be partners. The objective of this second instrument will be the realization of the Research and Innovation Agenda, as well as launching competitions for research and innovation projects, which will have inherent training targeting all types of actors: academia, industry, NGOs, etc.


ALER wishes to disseminate this initiative and invite all to be part of the PRE-LEAP-RE Stakeholders Platform .


If you want to be part of this platform, please subscribe directly in the website.


For more information, please visit PRE-LEAP-RE.


Source and Image © PRE-LEAP-RE