2 of June 2022

ALER Exchange Programme

In preparation for the International Conference "Renewables in Angola 2022" on July 5 and 6, ALER promoted an Angola-Mozambique institutional exchange action in the field of renewable energies in Maputo from 24 to 28 May.


The action, organised with the support of GET.invest, a European programme aimed at mobilising investment in decentralised renewable energies, supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria, was attended by an angolan Delegationand ALER and ASAER’s associates, who for 4 days met with important stakeholders of the energy sector in Mozambique.


Representatives of MINEA, IRSEA, PRODEL, RNT, NSDS, Ministry of Economy and Planning, Ministry of Finance and ASAER were present in the exchange.


Participants had the opportunity to meet with the Mozambican national authorities of MIREME, ARENE, EDM and FUNAE, to learn more about some of the main support programs in force in Mozambique such as PROLER, Get FiT, GET.invest and BRILHO, as well as to hear the experience of some ALER Members developing projects in Mozambique. This was an invaluable opportunity for the two countries to share knowledge and discuss critical aspects for the development of the renewables sector, which may now last in time.


This is another one of the initiatives developed by ALER, the first of its kind but which we hope to be able to repeat, which received very positive feedback from the participants who characterized the action as an "incredible experience", praising the "organization, the topics discussed and the opportunity to represent the institutions and the country".