31 of May 2019

ALER General Assembly 2019

ALER’s General Assembly was held on May 27 at AICEP facilities in Lisbon. This meeting was attended by 14 members corresponding to 71% of the votes.

The gathered members approved the Annual Report and Accounts of 2018 together with the Action Plan and Budget for 2019.

Regarding 2018, the main highlights were the fact that ALER had 4 financing contracts simultaneously in force, which resulted in the organization of 3 events, the publication of Guinea Bissau’s national status report, as part of the ALER status report series, which was presented at the International Conference organized in December, and in the drafting of the Sao Tome and Principe Report.


In 2018 ALER's representativeness was also reinforced with two new partnerships (Pround Partner of SEforALL and Advisory Observer of CPLP), organization of events for Members, (ALER Open Day and the Advisory Board,) and keeping its information dissemination work through the monthly newsletter, monitoring services and online database LERenováveis.


In terms of accounts, ALER had a positive result, higher than in the previous year and far exceeding the budget forecast. Taking into account the results carried forward from 2017, ALER ends 2018 with a total equity of over € 100,000, the highest value since the Association's kick off.


These results indicate the sustainability of the Association and confirm its consolidation, both financially and as a relevant entity at national and international level in the field of renewable energy in Portuguese-speaking countries.


The Action Plan and Budget for 2019 foresees several initiatives, the first of which was the organization of the Lusophone Compact and other Financing Instruments information session, as well as the extension of ALER's scope of action to other geographies, namely Angola where ALER’s Executive Director will participate in the 1st Renewable Energy Forum next June 19, and many others that we hope to share soon!


This Assembly also approved two new members of the Board, namely Pedro Amaral Jorge, representative of APREN and Pedro Martins, representative of Rosseti along with a change in the representative of EDF-EN PT.


There was also a change in the Board of the General Assembly, now headed by a woman (like ALER’s Board), Mariana Abrantes de Sousa representing TESE, with Miguel Centeno Brito representing FCUL as Vice President and Rui Sá , representing INEGI as secretary. Finally, it was also agreed to address an invitation to the former members of ALER’s Board, Pedro Neves Ferreira, Carlos Pimenta and António Campos de Carvalho to join the Advisory Board. The new composition of ALER’s Governing Structure can be consulted here.


To conclude,  ALER’s General Assembly also agreed upon the launch of a promotional campaign during the months of June and July, offering a 50% discount on 2019’s membership fee and exemption of admission fee. Learn more about this campaign here.


Images © ALER