14 of December 2022

ALER General Assembly approves Action Plan and Budget for 2023

The last General Assembly of 2022 took place on December 12th at the Southern Sun Hotel in Maputo and was transmitted online to all the members who, unanimously, approved the Action Plan and Budget for 2023.


Next year's Action Plan was based on ALER's 2023-2026 Strategic Plan prepared at the request of ALER's Board members elected last May, to guide the present mandate. The Strategic Plan is based in five strategic axis, consolidated in strategic objectives. For each of the strategic objectives, actions, expected results, indicators, priority and year of implementation were identified, which will allow monitoring and scheduling of all planned activities until 2026. This plan was presented during the General Assembly and submitted for consideration by the Associates , who also approved it unanimously.


Regarding the Strategic Plan, Mayra Pereira, President of ALER, clarified that the future objective “is to look at the work that has been done in recent years and start replicating it for the other dimensions that we also have. It was a demanding process, but we managed easily, and in a very intelligent way, to capture how we want ALER to be during the next four/five years, when the new mandate begins”.


Highlights of the 2023 Action and Budget Plan:

  • In 2023, the challenge will be to continue the excellent results of 2022, which surpassed the most optimistic forecasts;
  • Reinforced team with greater responsiveness, diversification and specialization;
  • Investment in communication;
  • Ensure a more regional dimension with a focus on the CPLP.


Some of the main activities planned:

1. Webinar “Energy Efficiency – Driving Force for the Energy Transition in São Tomé and Príncipe”, already in January held in partnership with UNIDO.

2. Cycle of quarterly ALER Talks;

3. Big Conference "Energy for the CPLP", after the III Meeting of CPLP Energy Ministers, scheduled for May in Luanda;

4. New edition of the international conference “Renewables in Mozambique 2023” in October, in parallel with the Europe-Mozambique Business Forum, with publication of the updated Briefing of the same name;

5. Training for journalists;

6. Organization of exclusive events for Members;

7. Publication of opinions, case studies and market fact sheets.