28 of May 2021

ALER General Assembly and Annual Report

ALER's General Assembly took place on April 30, 2021, with the participation of our Members exclusively by telematic means, due to the constraints that remain related to Covid-19.

The Annual Report and Accounts was unanimously approved for the year 2020.

ALER Annual Report


ALER presents for the first time the public version of its annual report. 2020 was an atypical year for everyone and that's why we think it should be marked in our history.


In the face of all the adversities that this global pandemic has brought us, ALER has managed to continue its work in promoting renewable energy in the PALOP countries. The energy sector has had a major impact over the course of this year, and we were not the only ones who felt it.


In this report we show the data for 2020 and we hope you can get to know us better.


Download it here.

As highlighted by the President of ALER in her message to the Members, 2020 demonstrated great resilience and adaptability by the ALER team. And despite having been a difficult year, there are good perspectives for 2021 with the revision of the GET.invest contract, which includes activities beyond those planned, namely the Angolan national report and extra funding as well as the signing of the new contract with the GEF-UNIDO.

In the past year, ALER has managed to increase its added value, by consolidating the knowledge gathered in market sheets exclusive for Members and by organizing the first webinar tailored for EDP with the presentation of the A2E Fund, thus increasing the offer for Members.

It was also possible to carry out unforeseen, financed activities, which will have indirect benefits such as the Summary: Renewables in Mozambique 2021 and respective animations.

In terms of communication, ALER currently has a permanently updated website, a monthly newsletter, news monitoring services, legislation and financing and investment opportunities and the database of LERenováveis ​​publications (which was expanded with the creation of LERenováveis ​​Moçambique) ). In addition, ALER participated in several external events, often as a speaker.

Guilherme Collares Pereira, EDP Renewables outgoing, was unanimously approved as an Honorary Associate, to whom special thanks were made on behalf of the ALER Board for all the commitment and engagement as EDP's Ministerial Representative.

Learn more about our Associates here and know all the advantages of becoming an ALER member here.