27 of April 2017

ALER invited to participate in Vienna Energy Forum. Meet us there!

ALER will attend the Vienna Energy Forum and will participate as a guest speaker on the GEF side event entitled “Innovative Business Models to Attract Sustainable Energy Investment for LDCs and SIDS” on May 9 (from 11:30am to 01:00pm).

The objectives of this GEF led side event are to (1) foster a discussion on strategies to support sustainable energy development including micro-grid systems with broader financial support from the private sector in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS); and (2) review high priority areas for strengthening government policy and regulation that will transform fossil energy based systems to renewable energy based systems in LDCs and SIDs.

More information about this side event here.

ALER’s Executive Director will be available to meet with stakeholders during the Vienna Energy Forum,  from May 9 to May 12.

You can send a meeting request with ALER via email geral@aler-renovaveis.org

The Vienna Energy Forum 2017 aims to contribute to the successful implementation of the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. It will serve as a platform for discussing and highlighting the importance of the linkages between climate and development as well as the synergies among the SDGs, and the importance of joint and integrated approaches for a successful implementation. The Forum will explore the role of innovation in opening up new avenues for achieving SDG 7 “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all“ and related SDGs. The implementation of these goals and of the Paris Climate Agreement calls for an unprecedented global transformation process that extends far beyond the energy sector. Innovation is urgently needed to drive this transformative agenda.

Read more about the Forum here