29 of November 2019

ALER is now an NGDO!

ALER is delighted for the recognition of the NGDO status by Camões - Institute for Cooperation and Language, under Article 8, Law No. 66/1998 of October 14.


According to the NGDO Statute, Non-Governmental Development Organisations (NGDOs) are civil society institutions made up of non-profit natural or legal persons governed by private law, based in Portugal.


The Portuguese State, as expressed in the Statute of NGDOs and in the Cooperation Protocol between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Camões - Institute for Cooperation and Language, IP, and the Portuguese NGDO Platform, recognizes the fundamental role of Non-Governmental Development Organisations under development aid,  humanitarian aid and education for development and seeks to:

  • Ensure articulation with national, European and international organizations;
  • Define and apply the criteria for granting support and promote their participation in projects;
  • Ensure registration of Non-Governmental Development Organizations.


NGDOs aim to design, implement and support development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, emergency aid and protection and promotion of human rights programs and projects. By gaining the status of NGDO, the organization will benefit from the status of legal entity of public utility and have the possibility to apply for projects for co-financing.

The granting of this status is a recognition of ALER's work in development aid and we hope it will contribute to strengthening our work to promote renewable energies in the PALOP and can bring benefits to both ALER and its Associates.