28 of June 2019

ALER is partner of REN Power Angola

ALER is supporting organization of the next event hosted by Euroconvention Global, REN Power Angola, the 2ndRenewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investors Conference. It will take place on 18 July at Hotel de Convenções de Talatona, Luanda, Angola.


Key stakeholders in the sector will be present, including representatives from the Government, International Finance Institutions, independent power producers, etc.


Angola has adopted The National Strategy for New Renewable Energies under The National Energy Security Strategy vision 2025, with an approved goal of 800 MW, with a share of 500 MW in biomass and 100 MW for each of the other sources: wind, sun and small hydropower plants. In this respect, along with the large and medium-sized hydropower projects, Angola will have 74% of its installed power based on renewable energies. The ambition of the Angola Energy 2025 Vision foresees a target of 500 Solar Villages by 2025 to be installed in off-grid main villages. In addition, under the Angola Renewable Energy Programme (AREP) a dedicated framework will act as a single entity for all future competitive procurement for IPPs.


The availability of renewable energy potential combined with the government priorities to promote universal electrification, places Angola as a significant investment hub in the renewable energy and power infrastructure sector in the Southern Africa region.


For more information about the event please contact the organizers:

Jose Romero – Event Manager


Tel. USA: +1 407 257 4888

Tel. Belgium: +32 2 662 16 12


Image © REN Power Angola