19 of October 2015

ALER joined the Global 100% Renewables campaign

ALER is a proud supporter of the campaign, which aims to to build a global 100% renewable energy alliance, proving that being powered by 100% sustainable renewable energy is urgent and achievable. 


The Global 100% RE campaign is the first global initiative that advocates 100% renewable energy. This unique campaign builds on projects that are already taking place on national, regional and local levels.  The overall goal is to up the debate on renewable energy towards 100% RE as the new normal as well as establish a global network of 100% RE regions.

The campaign does not set a deadline to achieve the 100% target. Many scientific studies have shown that 100% RE regionally and globally is technically possible by the year 2050, and some scientists conclude we can get there as soon as 2030. Several regions, cities and islands can achieve – indeed are achieving – this target even earlier than that. The campaign primarily aims at building a coalition of the willing for a 100% target and seeks to build an international societal momentum for setting the target in the various regions or constituencies and implement an adequate roadmap towards it.


In this framework it is very important to highlight the example of Cape Verde, which is the only lusophone country that has already set a 100% RE target.


We know together we can help build momentum toward achieving 100% RE targets and ALER wants to be part of it to encourage Portuguese-speaking countries to take advantage of all their renewable energy potential.


Find out more on the campaign website.