19 of February 2016

ALER joins Power for All Campaign

ALER has recently joined the Power for All campaign which aims to promote renewable, decentralized electrification solutions as the fastest, most cost-effective and sustainable approach to universal energy access. 

Power for All is a collective of public and private organizations with the mission to:

  • Unify the voice of the “beyond the grid” companies and organizations to advocate for specific supportive financial and policy enablers;
  • Mobilize the broader sector to de-position fossil-fuel-centric “business as usual” approaches to addressing energy access;
  • Proactively position renewable, decentralized energy as premium-quality, climate- resilient products and services that enable a wide-range of productive uses for the global community.


To deliver power for all in the shortest time frame possible, there must be a shift in the acceptance of renewable, decentralized power as part of the global energy supply. All sectors of society have a role to play in creating this historic market transformation that will leapfrog old ways of delivering energy. Power for All provides an infographic that shows why decentralized renewables pack a big economic and climate punch. Download it here.

Power for All, supported by the UK's Department for International Development (DfID), committed to deliver access to energy for the 85 percent of the 1.1 billion people without reliable power that live in rural areas within 10 years.  For that it will work with public and private sectors to:

  • Include Decentralized Renewables in Energy Policy;
  • Mobilize Capital for the Entire Value Chain;
  • Focus on Market-Building and Policy Grantmaking;
  • Drive Higher Quality and Efficiency;
  • Choose Renewable, Distributed, Democratized Power.

Some of the partners in Power for All include d.light,Global Off-Grid Lighting AssociationGreenlight PlanetOff-Grid ElectricPractical ActionSolarAid and ARE.

ALER identifies itself with Power for All’s values and mission and shares the view that universal energy access is attainable but it can only happen by uniting behind a global voice for the sector.Being the voice of renewables in Portuguese-speaking countries, it makes all sense that ALER joins this campaign as the spokesperson of these goals for lusophone countries.