26 of June 2015

ALER Launches LERenováveis

LERenováveis (in English READ Renewables)

ALER's online publication database is already available for search  and to submission of new documents. From now on, users can have a simple, universal and free access to several renewable energy publications about Portuguese-speaking countries and the regions where they belong.

Through this platform ALER aims to:

  •  provide a public service of disseminating information and improving knowledge about the renewable energy sector in the countries where it operates; 
  • simplify the access to these publications, not just those dispersed in various international renowned entities in the renewable energy sector, but also give more visibility to the work of other institutions that is little known;
  • Improve the quality of new publications, under the expectation that a broader access to information already available will stimulate added value in future documents.

Since ALER has limited resources, and taking into account the characteristic of the public, free and universal service that LERenováveis is providing, we invite all entities to become patrons of the database.

We hope to receive the support of the whole community to maintain the quality of the service and be able to implement improvements over time.

If you:

  1. Are interested in supporting LERenováveis;
  2. Have suggestions for new developments to the database;
  3. Want to contribute to the submission of publications 

Please send an email to geral@aler-renovaveis.org and accept our thank you in advance.


You can check out LERenováveis here.