4 of May 2023

ALER participates in the meeting of coordinators of the CPLP Thematic Commissions

As a Consultative Observer of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP), ALER encouraged the creation of the Thematic Commission on Energy, which was approved in 2022.


It was in this context, as coordinator of the recently created Thematic Commission on Energy, that ALER was able to participate in the meeting of coordinators of the Thematic Commissions of the CPLP which took place on April 18th.


The new Thematic Commission on Energy, which has the sub-coordination of the RELOP, is an operational structure of work that, under the Advisory Observers of the CPLP, develops its specific activity of debate and exchange of experiences on issues in their area, with the aim of developing good practices and the implementation of common projects.


Thus, the need to create this Thematic Committee is due to the importance of monitoring and analysing the energy sector of the CPLP countries, in line with ALER's mission and strategic objectives.


On the agenda of the relevant themes of the Thematic Commission on Energy are: energy planning, access to energy, energy transition, as well as other relevant sectoral aspects with a view to achieving sustainable development objective number 7.