30 of January 2017

ALER will be a speaker and supporting organization at the 2nd Mozambique Power Infrastructure & Renewable Energy Conference

The  2nd Mozambique Power Infrastructure & Renewable Energy Conference will take place in Maputo on 8 and 9 February 2017 and is an event hosted by Euroconvention Global in the Africa region and dedicated to sustainable energy development. ALER's Vice-President will be a speaker and ALER is one of the supporting organizations providing a 20% discount to our members. 

The Conference will be a major investor and project developer “get together” occasion for all concerned. It will bring under one roof senior representatives from the Government, International Finance Institutions, foreign and local investors, key players and new entrants keen to network and to get the latest updates on the huge potential of Mozambique in this field.

The proposed two-day event will be addressed by several relevant Officials and other experts during 6 main sessions:


  • Mozambique’s Renewable Plan
  • Policy and Regulatory Framework in Action
  • Mozambique Energy Supply and Demand
  • Capitalizing on the Renewable Energy Mix
  • Financing of Renewable Energy
  • Innovative Technology and needed actions to build on Renewable Deployment

ALER’ members will receive a 20% discount on registration and corporate packages.

For more information, please contact the organizers:

Maxence de Craecker, Event Manager

Tel.: + 32 2 662 16 12 – E: mdecraecker@euroconventionglobal.com

Michel Masquelier – Euroconvention Global – Brussels Head Office

Tel.: + 32 2 662 16 12 – E: administration@euroconventionglobal.com