28 of November 2016

ALER partner of Power Tech Africa 2017

ALER is partner of the Power Tech Africa 2017 to be held on 30th-31st January 2017 at Nairobi, Kenya, a conference organised by Bricsa Consulting.

The challenges faced by the government in balancing the risks and benefits are numerous. Hence it is imperative to develop a coordinated strategy for the growth in the power sector in Africa. Amongst the top 10 fastest developing countries in the world, 7 belong to the African continent. African countries blessed with exceptional geographical location, leave tremendous unexplored natural resources which creates a marvelous business opportunity. The conference focuses on Assessment, Implementation and Integration of Renewable Energy Sources, Smart Grids solutions and overcoming financial and infrastructural challenges with special focus on the development in the sub-Saharan region.

Key Topics:


  • Identifying potential of Renewable Sources in Sub-Saharan Region;
  • Implementation of Smart Grid & Off-Grid technologies.

  • Sources of capitalizing renewable power projects;

  • Exploring the role of FDI policies in power sector;

  • Analysing opportunities for Natural Gas as a power generating source;

  • Exploring the use of Hybrid Energy Systems.

As a member of ALER, you would be eligible for an exclusive 15% discount on the registration fees.

For more details about the Conference please email at jigisha@bricsaconsulting.com or call +91-22 42984122