4 of September 2017

ALER partners with RACEN

ALER and the Central Africa Network for Renewables Energies (RACEN) signed recently a MoU to promote cooperation, coordination, and information sharing between both institutions for the promotion of renewables in the Portuguese-speaking countries in Central Africa.

RACEN is dedicated to promote a widespread recourse to renewable energies, energy saving practices, energy efficiency, as well as access to renewable energy, for a development pattern prone to low greenhouse gas emissions and resilient/adaptive to climate change.  The Network is set to achieve number of objectives, that is:


  • To stand as a relevant forum for information sharing and as a knowledge conveyor, for effective capacity building as regards access to funding, renewable energies, and climate sensitive initiatives, with a view to equipping climate activists at various levels with handy skills/knowledge;
  • To serve as a collective intervention platform for implementing lobbying and advocacy related steps/initiatives targeting decision makers within both private and public sectors, in a bid to ensure equity and efficiency of programmes meant to tackle climate and renewable energies issues;
  • To boost and guide climate activists-led initiatives, aimed at providing effective solutions to climate, sustainable energies, and energy efficiency across involved countries in the Central African sub-region.

Workshop: Harnessing Renewable Energies’ Potential For Equitable Economic Growth and Climate Safety in Central Africa


RACEN is organizing with the support of ARE, World Bio Energy Association (WBA) and the Ministry of Environment of Equatorial Guinea, an international workshop under the theme ''Harnessing the Potential of renewables energies for equitable Economic growth and Climate Safety in Africa " which will take place on 25-26 October 2017 in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.


The workshop is set to pursue the following objectives:


  • To strengthen multi-actors partnerships and collaboration to improve access to renewable energy for all;
  • To share views, knowledge, strategies, and promising initiatives for a safer (carbon-free) economic growth and Climate change resilient development models across Central Africa;
  • To examine strategies those have succeeded in improving access to renewable energies;
  • To share learned lessons, challenges and barriers to renewable energies access in Central Africa.

Attendance to this meeting is open to experts, climate activists, political leaders, actors from private & public sectors, NGO, business corporations, companies, universities, research centers, civil society, representatives of bilateral & multilateral institutions, as well as United Nations bodies from different countries and different walks of life addressing issues related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, low-carbon socio-economic development, and climate safety.

There is a limited number of seats available for this meeting; Participants are therefore encouraged to register earlier.


More information about the workshop here.