22 of September 2021

ALER signs two Compact in the scope of Renewables

ALER signs two Compacts in the scope of Renewables.


The compact signed by ALER, IRENA - Coalition for action, "Promoting renewable energy in agriculture to achieve the Sdgs and climate objectives", has as its mission the promotion of renewable energy solutions in agriculture, based on four points: Climate and sustainability, energy transition, system transformation and socio-economic benefits, where, they believe that the development of sustainable agri-food chains around the world requires the involvement of three essential parties: the government, the renewable energy sector and the agriculture sector.



The GOGLA compact "Off-Grid Solar Energy: Power 1 Billion Lives" aims to promote the supply of electricity to 1 billion people by 2023, ensuring that the vulnerable communities have access to high-quality and affordable sustainable energy services and products.

In addition, the compact promotes government involvement to create a favourable environment for off-grid markets and mobilise public funding to enable the rapid adoption of clean energy technologies, as well as building innovative financial mechanisms under conditions that enable rapid and inclusive growth of communities.


Both IRENA Coalition for Action and GOGLA are partners of ALER