30 of September 2019

ALER signed a new agreement with GET.invest

ALER is very glad to continue the partnership with GET.invest. Signing the new contract is the reinforcement of GET.invest's trust on the work developed by ALER during the 3 years of project.


The previous partnership, at the time signed with the predecessor of GET.Invest, the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP), aimed the mobilization of European and African renewable energy companies for joint business development in Portuguese-speaking African renewable energy markets, with focus on Mozambique.


In the framework of the previous project ALER developed the following activities:

  1. Publication of the 2nd edition Renewables in Mozambique – National Status Report;
  2. Publication of the Portuguese version of the RECP Mini-grid Policy Toolkit;
  3. Organisation of the Renewables in the electrification of Mozambique International Conference;
  4. Support to the Mozambican association for renewable energy businesses, AMER.



The primary aim of the renewed partnership is to facilitate information about the status of the market, investment, opportunities and promote partnership between European Renewable Energy developers, investors and stakeholders from African Portuguese-speaking countries to foster joint business development.

With support from GET.invest, ALER will organise:

  1. Information events focused on the Portuguese speaking African markets;
  2. Support to build capacity of national associations;
  3. Implement outreach and mobilization activities with members and newsletter recipients;
  4. Support in training of companies and developers in target countries.


The project duration is 26 months, running until August 2021.


GET.invest is an European program that supports investments in decentralized renewable energy projects in developing countries, focusing on sub-Saharan Africa. GET.invest is part of the European platform GET.pro implemented by GIZ and operates in different market segments of decentralized renewable energy including small independent energy producers (IPPs), commercial and industrial energy, mini-grids, autonomous solar systems, as well as clean cooking solutions and is supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria.


GET.invest aims to mobilize the private sector by providing market information, stimulating demand, building partnerships through B2B events and empowering associations. In addition, it supports the development of a project pool through coaching and consulting (Finance Catalyst), the development of project documents and the creation of public and private capacities to support the “enabling environment” for decentralized renewable energy projects.